I’m a selfish knitter

I was sharing a knitting book with a co-worker (I’m so lucky to have a co-worker that knits!) and we began chatting about knitting gifts. It got me thinking about whether or not I enjoy knitting for others.

I have knitted Christmas gifts in the past. And the response to the knitted gifts was pretty positive. But I found knitting gifts a bit stressful. I worried about the colour and the weight of the knit. It’s not like they could return it to the store if the item isn’t quite right.

When I knit for myself I get excited to see the end result. I experiment a bit with technique. I don’t worry about mistakes. In fact I sometimes think of the mistakes as a reminder of what I was doing at the time. The sweater I was working on one New Year that my old room mate and I were stuck in due to a blizzard and drank red wine and knit our way through New Year’s eve resulted in a few rows of rather funky stitches. I’m quite fond of the sweater not just because it was my first completed sweater, but because I think of that evening and giggle a bit. And anything that makes me giggle is great!

I feel a bit self conscious when I’m asked who I’m knitting for and the answer is “moi!”. But I think I’ll eventually come to terms with being a selfish knitter. And knitting for myself is the perfect way to pamper myself. The process of knitting is a gift in and of itself; the finished object is just the icing in the cake. Although, I have to admit, knitting for little ones is a great deal of fun too. And infants aren’t exactly picky about their knitted gifts either 🙂

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